Increase employee and customer satisfaction, enabling interaction when and how users want with seamless network connectivity.

Today’s enterprises have become reliant on technology to be competitive in the market. Businesses are utilizing real-time operations together with artificial intelligence to increase responsiveness and drive customer-centric initiatives. Applications are hosted in both premise-based and public cloud data centers, and users are working outside the business location, connecting to applications and data through both wired and wireless technologies, with increased video usage.

This new and extremely dynamic corporate environment adds pressure to already stretched IT networks and budgets to meet the diverse and ever-evolving demands of the workplace. These enhancements are essential to attracting employees and customers alike.

Our products offer diverse speeds, drive distances, fiber optic maximization, and network protocols support needed to deliver the broad range of network services needed. We offer the latest transceiver technology as well as an extensive range of DACs and AOCs at significant savings.

Pivotal Optics helps its enterprise partners deliver flexible, reliable, and fiscally responsible network solutions.